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Iraqi Expat

Monday, June 13, 2005

Iraqis Rebuilding Iraq

I received this email today, which was forwarded to me by Iraq Volunteer. Iraqi expatriates who would like to go and work in Iraq for few months (up to a year) can do so by applying for one these jobs.
Dear Sir/Madam

The United Nations Development Programme and the International Organization for Migration are jointly implementing the Iraqis Rebuilding Iraq Programme (IRI) in coordination with the Ministry of Planning and Development Cooperation of Iraq.

The Programme is designed for expatriate Iraqis with professional and successful backgrounds to undertake short term assignments of up to one year in Iraq. The Programme targets those needs identified by Iraqi ministries which are deemed essential for the reconstruction and development of the country and that are not immediately met by the human resources within Iraq. To date, the participating ministries have submitted to our office over one hundred requests for such experts. Type of expertise needed varies from management, engineering, human rights, IT, social development, environment, medical, law, science and technology, agriculture and many more.

All details on the programme, eligibility criteria, etc are available on the official website: www.iraq-iri.org. Interested candidates will be able to down load the application form available on the IRI webpage, fill it in and send it by email to our Amman Management Unit, at irisupport@iom-iraq.net.

In order to facilitate the access of the Iraqi nationals abroad, we would be grateful if you could pass this information on to Iraqis expatriates that visit your organization. Posters and leaflets are available in English, Arabic and Kurdish. Let us know how many you wish to receive according to your needs, provide as with the mailing address of the organization, and we will send them to you in the coming days.

We highly appreciate your support in promoting the IRI programme among professional Iraqi expatriates in your region and do not hesitate to contact us, should you wish to receive any further information/clarification on the programme.

Thank you in advance for promoting such an important programme to support Iraq and play a significant role in Iraq's new future.

Best regards

Lorena Lando
Iraqis Rebuilding Iraq
Programme Manager
International Organization for Migration (IOM)
Iraq Mission in Jordan


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