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Iraqi Expat

Monday, May 09, 2005

The Liberal Way

I’ve been planning to post about this issue for sometime now; but I never got around doing it. But, thanks to Brian H, I read a disturbing post about Sweden and I thought that I have to write about the issue.

This post about Sweden, which you must read, is a wake up call. I have believed for sometime that if western societies are going to lose their freedom, democracy and way of life, it will happen because of the liberal mind not because of radical Muslims.

Annie once asked me:

“I was reading about Sayyid Qutb and his writings and found some real irony in the present situation with the Patriot Act that I would like your opinion on.

What I was reading said when he came to America in 1950 he grew to hate America for it's permissiveness especially when it came to teenagers and Qutb cited Alfred Kinsey's report on sexuality, as well as Darwin, Marx, and Freud, as degrading influences on American life. He feared the same influences would invade Egypt.

All of those things he hated were leftist ways of thinking and now it is the leftist organizations such as the ACLU that are trying to block the punishments (you are recommending), and trying to undermine the Patriot Act, etc. What do you think about so much of the leftist thought in today's situation? Don't you find it ironic?”
And my answered was:

“It is ironic! But I believe its all about fear and control! The liberal is afraid of control and Sayyid Qutb is afraid of losing it!

They are both somehow radical in their thinking. The leftists are liberal; therefore, have less control over people's lives. And that's the first reason why Sayyid Qutb and many other radical clerics were - and those living are – afraid. Having less control means people can do what they like, within reason, without being punished. So, not only they are afraid that they cannot apply Islamic laws with such liberal thinking, but they are also afraid that more people will ignore the Islamic teachings.

Second, if people known about this liberal world, how people in the west are living and how attractive it looks, they are afraid that people would choose the liberal world. So, they want to control people's lives by telling people what they can and can't do, which is the complete opposite of the liberal world.

Now if a liberal advocates his ideology in a religious state, the liberal will be easily defeated because he has no rights and the religious leader can decide his fate / punishment for breaking the rules easily and therefore protecting that world

However, if a religious person advocates his ideas in a liberal state, then the religious person will use all the rights that liberal state has provided him with to continue his fight. Therefore, the religious person take advantage of the rights given to him by the liberal; and the liberal will argue that if we reduce these right that means we lost, but in fact without reducing them you make losses and by reducing these rights you can make winning so much easier!”
Today, Islamists are the enemy, but tomorrow you might have a different enemy. Some of those radical Muslims attack by suicide bombs; others infiltrate western societies and abuse the freedom and rights given to them by these liberal societies. They attack the society’s way of life, incite followers against those who tolerated them, recruit people to attack the country that harboured them, change the culture of that society, etc.

The more rights these societies will offer them the more happy they will be, because then they will have protection while they are attacking the country that offered them these rights which they should be indebebted to for the rest of their lives. Instead of being grateful, respectful and tolerant, they want to change that society in way that it would undermine that society’s way of life; that society which has tolerated them and protected them in the first place.

These Islamists will not offer the westerns any rights if they have powers, because they know that these rights will undermine their rule, just like it undermined the rule of the foolish western society that allowed them to abuse it and take over.

Think about it, do these radical Muslims have similar rights in their own country? No. Would they give such right to their people, if they come to power? No. Why? Because they are afraid that when people have rights, they will lose control. Yet, they will be glad to get more and more rights that protect them during their mission to destroy the world and send it back to the 7th century.

It is absurd that western societies must adjust to accommodate radical Muslims, their culture and believes in a way that jeopardise the society’s very way of life. Yes, people should be tolerant, western society should be free and democratic, multi-cultural, etc., but within reason. If Muslims do not think that they can live in a free, democratic, multi-cultural, tolerant western society while being good Muslims then they should not have come here in the first place.

Sanity in this context is to know what is realistic and what is not. If some of these rights undermine the very foundation of a democratic and free society, then no matter how noble these rights are, it is insane to offer them to people. It is imperative for a free and democratic society to protect its freedom and way of life, and to be able to foresee the dangers that could undermine its way of life. This is not only important to non-Muslims, but also to moderate Muslims who will eventually be punished or discriminated against for wrongdoings of radical Muslims. I don't want to be in Britain when the day comes when I would be called bloody foreigner, bloody Muslim, bloody Arab and have to lower my head and walk faster; I don't want to be here when this happens.

Integration is very important in a multi-cultural society; but it is the job of the immigrant to integrate while the native tolerate, accept and respect that immigrant. And by integrating that doesn't mean one should change completely and becomes a copy of the native; no, otherwise it is not a multi-cultural society, is it? One must change to become part of the new society and learn about rather than creating a small society that is specific to his culture. That’s how my family, my friends and I, did it, not the other way around. We integrated, we changed, we learned and we are grateful to have been accepted and been treated with dignity.

A friend of mine stopped going to the mosque for prayers because the Imam always talks about the evil west! Well, if it is evil, then why are you living there? It is frustrating for us because we know that the native will hate all of us one day because of those radicals! And If we allow them, they will simply take away every right we cherish today and everything that is good about any free and democratic society. They will simple make the world stop envy the west or try to migrate to the west, because the west is no longer this place were people are free and have rights and protection.

I have said before and I think it's appropriate to mention it again that the problem is not Islam; backward thinking Imams, blind and unquestioning following of these Imams, tyrants and tribal culture are the problems. The solution, I think, is the enlightenment of Muslims, getting rid of tyrannical regimes, and reforming and reinterpreting Islam. Shariah TV is a simple example.

The perfect example for an Islamist abusing rights given to him by a free and democratic society to destroy that society is Abu Hamza Al Masri, who praised Ben Laden and is a supporter, if not a valuable member, of Al Qaeda.

Britain banned Abu Hamza from preaching in Mosques, yet he continued to preach in the street outside Finsbury Mosque! Then a new law that made sense was introduced which enabled the Home Secretary to strip Abu Hamza from the British Nationality because he acted against UK’s interests; but Abu Hamza appealed his deportation and the appeal could’ve cost the British taxpayer £250,000 if it wasn’t for Ashcroft’s request to extradite him to the US on 11 counts of terrorism.

Today, Islamists are the enemy, but tomorrow you might have a different enemy.

I was watching Fox news the other day. I don’t normal watch Fox news, but I thought I should try it and see how biased it really is and what is all the fuss is about. Anyway, I watched the O’Reilly Factor, when Bill talked about a murder case in which the murderer was sentenced to life in prison without parole about 10 or 9 years ago, not sure. However, the murderer was freed, recently! Why and how? He was freed because the victim’s family wore a small badge with the victim’s face on it; and that might have influenced the jurors! Can you believe this? Do you know how devastating such a stupid decision to the victim’s family?

Imagine they free Saddam because the son of a father that Saddam murdered wore a badge with his father’s picture on it!

Now I appreciate that the law does not allow any banners that could influence the jurors; but this was not something that could’ve influenced the jurors, it was a small sign with the face of the victim and the jurors knew these were members of the victim’s family and they were in mourning. How could it have influenced the jurors?

Liberal judges, one of whom is married to a former ACLU director, freed that murder, and they didn't free him because he didn't do it, but because of the most stupid technicality ever.

My blood was boiling then and I could think of nothing but how devastating such decision to the victim’s family must be. I think it is outrageous and I think that a world that is ruled by such stupid radical liberals would not last long; because it is extremely easy for any fanatical group, Islamists or not, to undermine and destroy such world.

The liberals are just not getting how serious the problem is. And I hope they could think about how life would be if those terrorists and radical Muslims, in Iraq and or elsewhere that they sympathise with, get to power. I can assure you that they will leave you (the liberals) for dessert, knowing how powerless and foolish you are.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your last comment about leaving liberals for desert rings very true. Look at some of the liberal beliefs about homosexuality, using drugs, prostitution, adultry, sexuality, pornography, etc and it stands in total contrast to fundamentalist Islamic beliefs. These liberal beliefs that are in such sharp contrast will be the first attacked when the opportunity presents itself. These liberals are cutting their own throats by allowing extremists to freely immigrate.

May 09, 2005 12:48 pm  
Blogger Louise said...

Great rant, Ahmad. I agree with everything you've said.

May 09, 2005 2:06 pm  
Blogger Goesh said...

As long as one Iraqi keeps a blog alive and keeps writing, the terrorists have not won. Do not end this blog until the Iraqi government is in total control and all foreign troops can go home.

May 09, 2005 6:16 pm  
Blogger xScottAllen said...

Thank you for another thoughtful post. I told my family and friends before the Iraq war that a BIG reason "they (muslims) hate us" is the immorality supported by liberals. There are other reasons as well (Israel, Islamic tradition) etc. but the "western" culture that is exported worldwide is filth. I totally understand being enraged. I must disagree about liberals not wanting control: oh, they want control all right. They want to remove religion everywhere and replace economic freedom with socialism. Communism was the natural result of "liberal" thought.

May 09, 2005 8:36 pm  
Blogger dcat said...

Down with Liberals


Yes I agree with Fox not always on the conservative’s side. There are other topics I find in a conservatives favor though. It is supposed to be for both sides. Again I agree with you about the criminal. The liberals also see a murderer as a victim unfortunately. “Oh they weren’t breast feed” or some stupid shit like that.

I will tell you if a family member of mine ever took someone’s life I would disown them as my family member!!! I don’t understand people that come out of the wood work when their dysfunctional relative kills some one or steals! “Oh he really is a nice…” I think I best take my blood pressure now you got me thinking of terrorist “criminals” liberal commies, again!

I will tell ya I will not hesitate to take someone out if my life is threatened in my own home! Then I will sue the family for my pain and suffering as well as a new floor!!! ARGGGGG!!!

I am a member of the NRA and proud of it!

May 10, 2005 1:32 am  
Blogger Brian H said...

Don't take all of the "anti-liberal" rants as gospel truth. Many are trying to balance fairness and vigilance. But there is a huge problem in facing real vitriolic hatred and evil; it doesn't fit very well into a world of laws and negotiations. And this is what we are facing with the Islamists and the Global Caliphate movement: fear, hatred, and absolute determination to eliminate our entire way of life. The "soft solution" people have no answer for this.

Here is an interesting Saudi article about the goals and nature of the Iraqi "resistance" (in English, but the original on the site is in Arabic).

May 10, 2005 9:38 am  
Blogger dcat said...

Brian H,

You are so good! See what anger does to me!!! But I am not for the criminals “terrorist”! I get crazy thinking of all the coddling that goes on for the wrong people!

May 10, 2005 2:59 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn, you are smart - you think just like me; isn't this how people think about those they agree with, so I best repeat - damn, you are smart. So damn smart, I may have to print your post and frame it.


May 11, 2005 6:11 am  
Blogger Dilnareen said...

Excellent post ahmed, i keep ranting aobut htis stuff as well... extremists stir up all this crap and get protected (european law is weird) then somehow its normal muslims (or in many cases non-muslims who just happen to have middle eastern features) who get the brunt of the attack. And for God's sake why is someone like the caliph of cologne or abu hamza or mullah krekar allowed to live in the west if everything about that country is evil.

May 12, 2005 3:36 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The most enlightend rant I have yet come across. I think that you said how I feel. David

May 13, 2005 11:30 am  

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