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Iraqi Expat

Friday, April 29, 2005

Views regarding Iraq's New Government

I don't know why I do this! Why do I go and read comments on the BBC web site? It pisses me off, because I end up reading negative comments made by non-Iraqis who think that they know everything!

Anyway, I did it again; but this time I only read comments made by Iraqis. There were 14 comments made by Iraqis, 7 of them are expats. Most of the comments were positive, with only 3 negative comments made by expats!!Yeah, I am puzzled too!

Here are some excerpts:

[...] The insurgency will probably evolve and change tactics for the next decade.
Mohanned Rahman, Oxford, UK (originally Iraqi)

Mohanned, did you say "for the next decade"? Give me a break!

Although I've live in Australia for years, I thought I'd tell you about what my extended family feels in Iraq. During the last three years there have been four major happy moments in their lives. First is the fall of Saddam dictatorship, second is the capture of Saddam, third is their participation in the victorious Iraqi election and the fourth is the formation of this first freely elected Iraqi government. They also acknowledged the violence and uncertainty in their lives, but everything has a price and the above mentioned achievements are worth any price.
Abdul Musa, Adelaide-Australia (Iraqi)

Iraq will move now better and faster than other Arab countries. The delay in the formation of the cabinet is better many times than what's happening in countries like Egypt or Syria. These two countries are next in line for a repeat of the Iraqi scenario. There are now signs that it has just started in Egypt now under the name of democracy.
Ahmed Shihab, Baghdad, Iraq

This is the second blow to terrorism after the massive turnout at the polls. The new government will be vital for the restoration of law and order and prosecuting the enemies of the people, especially those who want to access power by means of plotting and incitement to religious hatred and at the expense of killing innocents and defiling holy shrines.
Ali Mohamed Hassanein, Iraqi in Dubai

Today is the final stab in the heart of terrorists and of Saddam's followers. The delay in the announcement of the cabinet demonstrates the dedication of the government in choosing the most competent elements. What matters now is preventing foreign occupiers from influencing political decision making in Iraq.
Ahmed al-Janoubi, Emara, Iraq

It's the first time we have witnessed the formation of an elected government in which all the components of the Iraqi ethnic patchwork are represented (Shia, Arabs, Assyrians, Turkmen, etc), including those who refused to take part in the electoral process. This is truly a source of pride to all Iraqis.
Ammar, Kirkuk, Iraq

BBC: Iraq's new government: Your views


Blogger Goesh said...

We in America cannot imagine the fear and terror and oppression the Iraqi people experienced under saddam hussein - his murder and torture and exploitation must never be forgotten. This filthy tyrant was found hiding in a hole like a rat. His execution must be public and televised for the world to see. It is truly remarkable that in just over 2 years from a massive invasion and war and all the terrorist attacks that there is an elected government in Iraq. 20 years from now, Iraq will be the major power in that area but it will be a good power. the sooner American forces can leave, the better. It may take a couple more years, but it will happen. My thoughts and prayers are with the Iraqi people.

April 29, 2005 3:13 pm  
Blogger Fayrouz said...


Do like I do. Filter everything you read.

Middle Easterners want nothing better than to see Iraq's democracy failing miserably. Just ignore them.

April 29, 2005 4:06 pm  
Blogger Goesh said...

It will not fail! You Iraqis have endured too much pain and suffering under saddam hussein. Freedom comes with a price and you are paying it now with these terror attacks against your people, but you will prevail! Your children will not know the oppression of saddam hussein - they will be able to express their thoughts freely and not be shot - they will have better education and better health care and better jobs than you - they will live longer, they will vote, they will move freely about their own nation and not have to worry about being watched - they will not have to pay bribes to get government services - they will be able to read the books they want and listen to the music they want - they will be able to travel freely to other nations if they want - they will not have to worry about car bombs at the market - they will not have family members taken away and murdered. They will have a very good standard of living and their children in turn will know of the evil tyrant saddam hussein and how he had to hide in a hole like a filthy rat. These blogs are an important part of the process. Do not stop writing!

April 29, 2005 4:38 pm  
Anonymous Annie said...

Some comments about America wanting their money back just floored me. They really need to study about what we got "paid back" to us after WWII! (Not even the interest on loans, for the most part...) But, of course, most would not understand, the same thing they do not understand about Iraq: Freedom is the greatest payment! Those who do not value freedom will surely lose it.

Fayrouz, some of the Middle Easterners comments on this one, you would like! You wouldn't like the American brainwashed college students though....

Here was one I really liked:
Two years after the invasion and where are we today? A democratically elected government, power to the people of Iraq, improved economy, hope for freedom everywhere in the Middle East and people are still unhappy.
Jamil Baroody, Jeddah, Arabia

Does speak volumes...

My best to all of you!

April 30, 2005 4:48 am  
Anonymous Annie said...

Oh now I'm going to be sarcastic.....

The government of Iraq has no meaning until the coalition military departs. Then we will either see progress to democracy, the development of a Muslim theocracy or the break up of the country. We will see.
Gerry, Coventry, England

Does this mean South Korea and Germany do not have meaningful governments ?????? Oh my, I did not know!!!!

The big lie about American Imperialism has sure worked. It has stopped people from using their brains.

April 30, 2005 4:55 am  
Blogger Ahmad said...


That was really a good comment by Jamil Baroody. Thanks for your addition, as I said, I scanned the comments and only read the Iraqis :)

April 30, 2005 12:49 pm  

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