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Iraqi Expat

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

The right question

A worthy comment made by Paul -UK- on ITM regarding Charles Kennedy, the Liberal Democrats leader.

There is one question about the Iraq war that all the cynics, critics and dissenters cannot answer.

The Lib Dem leader was asked it at his daily Press conference yesterday and fell flat on his face.

Charles Kennedy was asked: Would the world have been a better place if there had been no war and Saddam Hussein was still in power?

In my view, the only answer is no. But if that word passed his lips, Kennedy's case for attacking Tony Blair would have been blown to smithereens.

Kennedy's deputy Sir Menzies Campbell tried to dig him out of the hole he was in by claiming, preposterously, that if there hadn't been a war then the United Nations sanctions might have driven Saddam out by now.

The Lib Dems will be asking us to believe in the tooth fairy next.

Later, facing a tough audience of primary school children, Kennedy did concede the world was better without Saddam. But he also claimed the war was "a terrible error".

Once again, the Lib Dems manage to face two ways at once.


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