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Iraqi Expat

Thursday, April 07, 2005

Is Syria Changing?

ASharq Al-Awsat is reported that Syria's ruling party, the Baath Party, is planning to amend its charter, ditch the socialist tenets, and perhaps even change its name. The article, The Syrian Baath Plans to Dissolve its National Leadership and Bring Down its Socialist Motto!
Informed Syrian sources have said that the national conference of the Arab Socialist Baath Party, which will be held most likely the seventh or the eighth of the coming month, with make a decision to dissolve the party's national leadership. The engineer Ayman Abd al-Nur told Al-Sharq al-Awsat that it is expected that the first conference in a quarter of a century will decide to transfer the national leadership of the Baath Party to a National Council which will be headed by a Supreme Administrative Office.

Abd al-Nur added that it was not known yet whether or not President Bashar Assad would head this upper organization or if he would appoint one of the party leaders to head it, except that he did signal that the largest part of the process of change to the constitution of the Baath Party and its implementing law and basic ideology had already been performed, and this meant the substitution of the phrase "social justice" for the term "socialism" and the phrase "democracy" for "freedom." And following on what had been rumoured as to the existence of ideas calling for changing the name of the party to become the "Democratic Party" [hizb al-demaqratiya, I'm not making this up] instead of the Arab Socialist Baath," Abd al-Nur emphasized that this matter was set for discussion for the conference.
If this change is for real rather than just trying to show change but not really change, then I have to say that Bashar Al Assad outwitted Saddam and it is one of the most important changes in the region's political dynamics. However, if it is just a show, then it will be clear very soon and it will prove that there is no - and there will never be - a smart Baath leadership!

Does this means that there will be less state control, more political opposition and multiple political parties? Democracy and Capitalism? Okay, its probably not so rosy; but still, even little change in the right direction means a great start that will open many eyes and allow people to exercise some sort of democracy. Opposition groups will have to work hard to get the ball moving!

Removing the word Arab from the name of the party will not stop them from using the pan-Arabism rhetorics; but it is significant as it doesn't indicate that maybe they are becoming more realistic and that they are ditching the failed and dying Nazi Arab Nationalism ideology. Just a hopeful maybe!

Democratic Party instead of the Arab Socialist Baath Party? Is this for real? Way to go, let democracy reign.

Hat tip: Publius Pundit, Kirk H Sowell

This might be true, because Amirji reported a change few days ago, or a crazy thing as he put it:
One of the things that we, that is, my self-styled self-imposed Patron and I, talked about during that fateful two hour meeting was the possibility of – drum roll please – holding multi-candidate presidential elections coupled with free parliamentary elections where the Baath Party will compete on the same constitutional footing as any other party.

Had this person, let’s call him here General Dashing for simplicity’s sake, been any other state official, I wouldn’t have given his statements a second thought, and would have easily dismissed him as just another word-peddler, just like me sometimes, if I may wax self-critical.

Being who he is, though, made me take what he said in this regard very seriously. These “people” seem to have finally realized how deep their crisis happens to be, how existential it really is, and this, it seems, has compelled them to finally accept the intimate link between the way out and the necessity of undertaking radical internal political reforms, something they would never have contemplated, I know, just a few short months ago.

Now this must be good, isn’t it? I mean what more can we ask for?
Read the rest here. Amirji's ideas will be passed to the president himself! Yes, Al Assad!


Blogger dcat said...


I wish you had emotioncon cause then I would use the thumbs up! Hey saw your post at ITM! Congrads!!!

April 07, 2005 5:36 am  
Blogger Louise said...

Well Ahmad, if it isn't true, I would hope that the lie becomes a rallying point for a democracy movement in Syria. Surely the leadership in Syria can't be that stupid, can they? Well maybe. But I can't see how any group of goons could expect to be able to get away with such a farce considering how boxed in, with their backs against the wall Ba'athist have become.

April 07, 2005 1:09 pm  
Blogger Medya said...

thanks for reading my blog

regarding offending to Pope , i sent my applogize just 1 sent after my post.

pope really was a man of peace and i didnt know anything about him.so if you had read my next post you wouldnt complain .

but I i think i know enough about sistani and i know what it is .
and I always dare to critic everybody i want

April 07, 2005 3:28 pm  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Does changing the National leadership of the Bath party mean targeting the National Command or the Regional Command? Did they use "Qatri" in the article or "Qumi"?

Frankly, changing the name from Socialist to Democratic is misleading and uneffective. But if Bashar can rid the party of the Regional Command - then that would be worth writing about?

Great Post!!!!!

April 10, 2005 11:40 am  

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