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Iraqi Expat

Monday, March 21, 2005

Iraqi Terrorists Propaganda

Two day ago I was working when I heard something strange, something I never heard anything like it before! It was on Al Arabia Channel. They reported that the "resistance" in Iraq have kidnapped an Iraqi and later released him without demanding a ransom! Once I heard this, I stopped working and give Al Arabia my full attention.

The kidnapping business in Iraq is well known and I know many who've been kidnapped. Of course most of those won't make it to the news, but kidnapping is common these days in Iraq and many Iraqis have fled Iraq - after the war - either because they are afraid of being kidnapped or because they've been kidnapped and their captors told them to leave Iraq after the ransom was paid.

I heard many stories about these kidnappings and I know people who've been kidnapped, but there was never a contradicting story. When foreigners are being kidnapped, its about publicity and making political demands; however, when Iraqis are being kidnapped, its about money. They watch the hostage, they know what he/she does, they know how much money he/she has and they know how many bodyguards he/she has. I.e. they study the hostage and plan their wicked attack carefully.

It started against well-known doctors in Iraq, then they expanded their operations against repatriates and any Iraqi who might have money whether working with the coalition or not. I know people who've been kidnapped and who would be considered in the eyes of the terrorists as "collaborators", but when they kidnapped them all they asked for was money! And when the hostage ask, why you are doing this? The answer is "Jihad"!

One of the practices of those evil kidnappers is to beat the hostage. I know someone who is now a member in the National Assembly, he got kidnapped last year and was beaten till one of his eardrums was torn! A famous female doctor was kidnapped and beaten badly, after the first night, they saw her bruises and were surprised! They asked her: didn't your husband beat you before?! As if it is normal practice for the wife to be beaten by the husband. And so many other astonishing stories.

The other fact about those kidnappers, and I heard this from many and the latest was last Saturday from someone who came from Baghdad, is that when someone get kidnapped, his family will have to approach Sheikh Harith Al Thari, chairman of the Muslim Clerics Council in Iraq, to negotiate. Apparently he can approach the kidnappers and can speak on their behalf! This is another reason why this wicked Sheikh should be arrested.

Therefore, when I heard Al Arabia say that the "resistance" in Iraq have kidnapped an Iraqi and later released him without demanding a ransom, I was speechless and I had to listen. They showed the Iraqi guy who was kidnapped and he said:

I was being kidnapped by the "resistance" and they released me after they inquired about my conduct, and they realised that I am an honourable, patriot, nationalist person who didn't collaborate with the Americans.

Apparently he is a member of some political party, National Front for Iraq Unity or Liberation or something. Then the reports asked him who did the "resistance" ask about your conduct? He answered:

I don't know; Harith Al Thari, the Muslim Clerics Council; I don't know!

Then I realised what was going on and I smiled! I realised that the Muslim Clerics Council had to have their own propaganda after Al Iraqiya TV showed all their terrorists confessing live about how sick, immoral, lowlife criminals they are. How they killed innocent Iraqis for $100 or $200! After they showed a paedophile homosexual Sheikh confess about his sick behaviour.

After all that they had to have their own propaganda! They want to show that they only kidnap the so called "collaborators", that they are "resistance" rather than terrorists, but who will believe them? I am sure a leftist like Giuliana Sgrena (2) would, who said her kidnappers treated her well! But I ask all those to talk to the families of those kidnapped and or killed by these terrorists first.


Blogger Brian H said...

It will be nice when Iraqis start using the word "collaborator" to mean someone who aids the terrorists, like your favorite shiek! Try using the expression "terrorist collaborator" and see what happens!

March 21, 2005 8:05 pm  
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