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Iraqi Expat

Thursday, March 17, 2005

Headlines from Iraq

[news in Arabic]

Three western Sunni counties - Al Anbar (Al Rumadi), Saladin (Tikrit) and Nineveh (Mosul) - have decided to form a federation according to the interim Constitution. Al Anbar governor, Fasal Al Ke'od, confirmed that they decided upon this unity due to the similarities in their culture, economics and the relationships between their tribes.

The good news is that it looks like the Kurds and the Shiites (UIA) are have reached an agreement and are close to signing it. However, the details are very sketchy at the moment, here are some of them:
  • Kirkuk will be dealt with according to the interim Constitution, i.e. returning all the Kurds who were forced to leave, but there is no indication on whether it will be part of the autonomous area or not.
  • Peshmerga will be integrated into the Army, Police, National Guard, etc.
  • More revenues from oil will be allocated to the 18 counties of Iraq without discrimination to improve their conditions.
  • The new constitution must respect Islam as well as other religions.
  • Arabs and Kurds form the majority of the Iraqi people and they must respect each other, love each other and respect and love other minorities (Turkmen, Cheldeans, Assyrians, etc.).
  • Respect of Human rights, ethnic minorities, etc.
  • Elimination of the residues of Saddam's era.
Two terrorists were arrested in Baghdad. They were responsible of yesterday mortar fire that was dropped close to where the first National Assembly session was being held.


Blogger Brian H said...

Sounds a bit amusing, in parts: 'Love everybody or you'll be tortured and hung!"

Some things you can't legislate, believe it or not. ;)

March 18, 2005 2:12 am  
Anonymous Annie said...

Dear Ahmad,
If you have the time, could you tell us your thoughts on what you think of this process so far?

March 18, 2005 3:34 am  
Blogger dcat said...

Brian H.,

It should be done Chicago style. Or else!


You posted at Ali's site and yes trial an error right?

Like Ann asked; what do you think so far?

March 18, 2005 4:39 am  
Blogger Ahmad said...

The meaning got lost in translation! The word the used is brotherhood, not respoect and love!

Annie, Dcat,
I will write about what I think of the process very soon (in a new post).

March 18, 2005 11:36 am  
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